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last updated: october 1

The Last Page Archive

  • October 1999

    Search engines, Internet buzzwords, and

  • September 1999

    Review of Seth Shulman's Owning the Future.

  • August 1999

    Dr. Laura's vendetta against libraries.

  • July 1999

    Review of Nudist on the Late Shift.

  • June 1999

    Women, technology, and power.

  • May 1999

    What do librarians read all day?

  • April 1999

    A rant about Internet/TV convergence.

  • March 1999

    The best of recent books about books.

  • February 1999

    Reviews Avatars of the Word.

  • January 1999

    A discussion of recent surveys showing that the Internet steals users' leisure time from other activities -- including both television and reading.

  • December 1998

    Reviews Digital Literacy and The Alphabet Versus the Goddess.

  • November 1998

    An introduction to The Last Page, a series of ruminations on and reviews of the intersections between books and technology.

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The Last Page addresses issues surrounding books, reading, and modern technology. It includes book reviews and discussions of book and reading related web sites and technology, as well as more general ruminations on how our relationship with technology is transforming the way we read -- and vice versa.


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