Richard Linklater
interviewed by Jon Lebkowsky

In this previously unpublished two-part interview, Jon Lebkowsky first talks with Richard Linklater while he is editing his landmark film, Dazed & Confused, then meets again with the director after it has been completed and previewed.

Published: November 05, 2001

Jon Lebkowsky: I recall reading an interview you did after SLACKER came out, and it seems to me that you had something very different in mind for your next feature.

Richard Linklater: I had eight different things I was working on, it could have been any of them. When asked what I was going to do next, I always said something different. Actually, that’s how this new film, “Dazed and Confused,” came to be. I told a writer in Washington, D.C. about it, and he called a friend who worked at Universal, and it kind of got back to ’em. I just described my teenage movie. I could have described anything, but I described that one….

JL: I take it this won’t be another “American Graffiti…”

RL: Naw, it’s got too bad an attitude. [Laughter] “Graffiti” was nostalgic, it was that high school world everyone wished they grew up in…”Dazed and Confused” is the world everyone *did* grow up in.

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