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Media Kit

In its six years online, Mindjack has been mentioned or featured in numerous print and online publications, often more than once. Some of the most notable include:

The Wall Street Journal

Boing Boing
Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs
Netlife Magazine
MISC Magazine
Street Tech
A List Apart
Netscape's Cool Site of the Day
Utne's Web Watch

Mindjack has also received a great deal of exposure in the so-called "blogosphere". Literally hundreds of bloggers, including many high-profile individuals, have linked to Mindjack at one point or another.

Mindjack is a new type of publishing venture focused on the digital culture from which it emerged. Mindjack's blend of traditional magazine-style reporting and new forms of publishing like blogging offers readers a trusted journalistic voice on the myriad of issues surrounding the confluence of technology, culture and society.

Since its birth as a small e-zine in 1998, Mindjack has grown to become a highly respected publication. And by remaining as lean and effective an operation as possible, it has survived in an area where others have failed.

Mindjack's staff of contributing writers is comprised of some of the best and brightest thinkers in the field of digital culture. Some are published authors, and many have written for internationally respected publications. Mindjack also seeks out talented new writers-many of whom have gone on to become very well regarded in their own right after writing for Mindjack.

Mindjack's Board of Advisors includes high profile technologists, authors, and executives, who provide insights and advice as well as occasional writing contributions. The Mindjack board includes Gareth Branwyn, Mark Frauenfelder, Mikki Halpin, Joichi Ito, Jon Lebkowsky, Howard Rheingold, and Douglas Rushkoff. They bring with them a wide range of experience and expertise, and a mix of creative and business backgrounds.

Mindjack's readers are the people shaping digital culture. They're bleeding-edge, early adopters of the latest technologies. From video games to PDAs to DVDs, they're the people who have the latest gear and gadgets months, or years, before anyone else.

Mindjack's readers are culturally savvy, media literate, highly educated and well connected.


Monthly Averages:
Total Visits: 22,000-30,000
Unique Visitors: 14,000-19,000
Page Views: 50,000-60,000

Mindjack offers a wide range of options to advertisers. Mindjack's readers are extraordinarily well connected; impress them and you're one step closer to reaching their personal networks.

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