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Editorial Board:

Donald Melanson
Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Donald is a freelance journalist covering technology and culture. In addition to Mindjack, his work has appeared in The Globe & Mail, Engadget, and MovieMaker Magazine, among other publications.

Dan Richards
Senior Editor

Dan has a widely varied background, from musician and studio engineer to gourmet chef. After stays in Denmark and New York City, he now resides in South Carolina,

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Board of Advisors:

(from right to left)

Gareth Branwyn
Editor of Street Tech, author of Jargon Watch and Jamming the Media.
Mark Frauenfelder
Writer, illustrator, co-editor of Boing Boing and co-founder of the preceding magazine.
Mikki Halpin
Editor of Stim, author of The Geek Handbook.
Joi Ito
Founder and CEO of Neoteny. (weblog)
Jon Lebkowsky
CEO of Polycot, president of EFF Austin. (weblog)
Howard Rheingold
Online community pioneer, author of Smart Mobs and The Virtual Community.
Douglas Rushkoff
Media theorist, author of numerous books including Cyberia, Coercion and Nothing Sacred. (weblog)

Contributing Writers:

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander is an Assistant Professor of English at Centenary College of Louisiana, where he teaches computer-mediated classes on the Gothic literature, cyberculture, eighteenth century literature, critical theory, and the experience of war.

David Brake
David Brake is a UK-based Internet consultant and journalist.

Nicholas Carroll
Nicholas Carroll is a project manager with Hastings Research. His most recent article was "The Future of End-Users and Info Pros in Information Retrieval", Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals, June 2003.

Cory Doctorow
Cory Doctorow is a science fiction writer, journalist and technocrat. His first novel, "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom," will be published by Tor Books in the Fall of 2002. He is the co-founder of OpenCola, Inc. and is the co-editor of BoingBoing . His last book was The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Science Fiction (co-written with Karl Schroeder). He lives in San Francisco and Toronto.

Joshua Ellis
Joshua Ellis is a writer and musician living in Las Vegas. Recently, he co-founded a weblog/community devoted to "open-source futurism".

Cate Gable
Cate Gable is a poet and writer, strategic marketing consultant in e-commerce, teacher, and President of Axioun Communications International. She divides her time between Berkeley, CA; the Pacific Northwest; and Paris, France.

Ian Dawe
Ian Dawe is a freelance writer and broadcaster living in London, Ontario.

Sarah Granger
Sarah Granger is currently a Project Director for the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, based in Palo Alto, California. She writes articles for Security Focus and is a member of the USACM Public Policy Committee.

Justin Hall
Justin Hall is a globe-trotting freelance writer. You can follow his adventures on

Paul B. Hartzog
Paul Hartzog is a political scientist and the creator of the postmodern theory of Panarchy. A self-styled futurist and techno-shaman, his interests include Complexity Theory, Cooperation, International Relations, Environmental Politics, Information Society and Economy, Information Technologies, Sustainable Development, Network Culture, and Ethics.

Raffi Krikorian
Raffi Krikorian is a graduate student at the MIT Media Laboratory where he formally studies Internet engineering architectures and informally studies Internet social architectures. On the side he freelance writes and codes for fun and profit -- you can find his wasted bits at He lives in Cambridge, MA but longs to go back to San Francisco, CA.

Jim Lai
Jim Lai is currently a senior programmer. His first encounter with computers was around 1980, and since then has developed many geekly talents and skills in his idle quest to be a modern day Renaissance man. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife Lisa, whom he met on the Internet in 1992.

J.D. Lasica
J.D. Lasica is a veteran journalist who writes frequently about the impact of emerging technologies on our culture. He is currently working on a book about the clash between entertainment companies and technologists.


Jon Lebkowsky
Jon Lebkowsky has been soaking in Internet culture and community for the last decade. He's served as community host/moderator for the WELL, Electric Minds, and HotWired. He has written technoculture articles and rants for Wired Magazine, Whole Earth Review, The Austin Chronicle, 21C, Factsheet Five, Mondo 2000, and other publications, and was the "consciousness" sub-domain editor of The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog.

Melanie McBride
Melanie McBride is a Toronto-based writer, editor and educator who specialises in interactive educational new media. She can be contacted via her website.

Chris McKinstry
Chris McKinstry is a Canadian living in Chile where he operates the world's largest optical telescope for the European Southern Observatory. He is also the creator of the Mindpixel Digital Mind Modeling Project, the world's largest AI effort.

Mark Pesce
A decade ago Mark Pesce unveiled the first 3D interface to the internet - the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). He founded the Interactive Media Program at USC's School of Cinema-Television. In 2000, Ballantine Books published Pesce's The Playful World: How Technology is Transforming our Imagination. In late 2003, Pesce was invited to the Australian Film Television and Radio School, with a mandate to redesign the curriculum to incorporate the new opportunities offered by interactive media.

Jane Pinkcard
Jane Pinckard is a slacker and a gamer (as most slackers are). She is saving up her money for the Gamecube. In her spare time she can be found pounding out content for

Doug Roberts
Doug Roberts is the IT Manager for a cool company in Burlingame, California.

Mike Sugarbaker
Mike Sugarbaker is the creator of and He lives and works within the blast radius of Silicon Valley.

Jonathan Swerdloff
Jonathan Swerdloff is an attorney in New York City. His hobbies include wireless networks, the web that has emerged from the ashes of the dot com failure, and the arts. He chronicles his life and developments in the law at

Ana Viseu
Ana is a researcher currently working at the University of Toronto on her Ph.D. dissertation. Her research interests include questions of privacy, social dimensions of technology, and the mutual adaptation processes between individuals and technology. Ana is the director of the 'Privacy Lecture Series' in Toronto, which serves as a forum to foment awareness and discuss different facets of privacy.

Jesse Walker
Jesse Walker is managing editor of Reason and author of Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America (NYU Press).

Tony Walsh
Tony Walsh is a Toronto-based freelance Jack of all Trades, practitioner of the Arts, avid gamer and renegade digital anthropologist. He keeps a near-daily journal at but lives at

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